Katy Polich

Katy Polich, BA, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

I received my massage therapy license in 2004 and began to build my practice while also working in corporate America for a large insurance company. In 2008 I began practicing full time after being downsized.  This opportunity allowed me to devote myself fully into bodywork and soft tissue therapy. Since then I have had the opportunity to work successfully with many people who choose therapeutic massage as a way to bring them freedom from pain or relief from the stresses of life.

Following the idea of intentional wellness, my sessions incorporate a wide variety of techniques to bring your body into balance. I have extensive training in many modalities including Medical Massage, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Reiki and Healing Touch, Aromatherapy using Young Living Oils, and Hot Stone massage. I am currently exploring Precision Neuromuscular Therapy because of its proven benefits in treating each client individually and effectively.

Massage is a vehicle for living a life of Intentional Wellness. I believe that transformation can occur at a cellular level when we are open to our greatest healing.