Therapeutic Massage

60 MINUTES $80

Each massage is designed to address your body’s specific needs. Your session may include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, stretching, hot or cold therapy, reflexology, essential oils or it may focus on sports related injuries, or simply be relaxing. I incorporate multiple techniques to bring you into balance. Foster a well lifestyle by receiving massage regularly.


Extended Sessions

75 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $120 • 120 MINUTES $160

Extend your massage time to give yourself the gift of full restoration. Thorough work brings lasting benefits that aren’t always possible when time is limited. Let your therapist know when you book that you would like to extend your session to focus on specific areas or simply because you want deeper relaxation. If you have ever wished the massage wasn’t over already, then this is for you.


Raindrop Technique

60 MINUTES $110

The healing power of essential oils is evident after a Raindrop session. Therapeutic grade oils are used to draw out toxins and bacteria along the spine allowing the body to release illness and build immunity.  A Raindrop session assists the body in restoring balance and to naturally begin to heal its self.


Pregnancy Massage

60 MINUTES $80

This is an essential time to bring relaxation to your changing body. Address muscle fatigue, soreness, swelling, postural change and stress by receiving regular massage during your pregnancy.


Hot Stone

60 MINUTES $100

A full hour of deep heat and total relaxation. Warm stones are combined with gentle massage strokes to bring you into a peaceful, relaxed state of being.  This treatment is wonderful when you really want to unwind.



60 MINUTES $80

This Japanese form of relaxation transforms stress into wellness and is a perfect complement to massage. Reiki means universal life energy. Much like sitting in the warm sun, a Reiki session leaves you feeling light, peaceful and full of joy. The session is performed with light hand pressure and the recipient is fully clothed. Reiki may also be combined with massage. Ask your therapist for details.


Please call Katy to book an appointment or for further inquiries






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