Thank you to all clients kind enough to share their experience.  If you would like to add your story please let me know, Thank you!

Corporate Chair Massage

Last year we decided to focus more on wellness. Wellness is not just changing your eating habits and exercising but also remembering relaxtion and stress relief. We started having Katy come every 3 months to do chair massages at the office during lunchtime. It is going very well and everyone says they feel very relaxed after Katy.
— Federal Loan Bank

Medical Massage

Katy is the most gifted massage therapist I have ever met. Massage has been a cornerstone in my well care practice for over 8 years and has helped me evolve holistically. Katy explores imbalances in my body and her healing touch triggers my body’s natural healing abilities. As a result, I have become more aware and attentive to my body’s needs. Katy’s commitment to continuing education, her powerful and healing energy and understanding of metaphysics proves extremely beneficial for my whole being.
Katy’s deep tissue massage was prescribed by my doctor for my neck and shoulder pain and has been great for treating my body’s every-day ailments and for supporting it through rigorous half-marathon and marathon training. Her pregnancy massage techniques were fabulous when I thought every tendon and muscle in my body was stretched to its limit and her reiki and aromatherapy are proven healers. I’m blessed to have such a great resource, health care provider and friend in my life.
— Audrey
My life always included at least 6 ibuprophen a day. Those kept me going without much pain, hips, headache’s and so on. But then I decided I should try a massage just to pamper myself. I never thought I would get such a benefit out of them. If I take a ibuprophen at all these days it’s because of an acute boo boo or dental work. So I do feel like my body is so much healthier than it has ever been. What we forget to remember is we only have one body and one lifetime so make the most of it feeling the best we can and in good health.
— Dianne
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have experienced significant relief from my symptoms through massage therapy with Katy. If I won the lottery I would be there every day!
— Jeff


You can use my name – I don’t need to be “anonymous”. I first started coming to you when I was pregnant with Ava as you were getting your practice to massage pregnant women. It was wonderful and helped me through being pregnant in being “well”. Then I continued to come back to you because you are among the best massage therapists in the Des Moines area. I also appreciate your guidance in stretching through Yoga practice. Thank you.
— Anna
When I met Katy I didn’t know anything about massage. I was eight months pregnant and having a lot of back pain. She gave me a massage and it was a tremendous help! I also really appreciate her holistic approach.
— Dawn


Katy’s foot reflexology sessions have made the swelling, discomfort, pain and limitations caused by my lymphedema a non-issue in my life! The immediate relief after an appointment is amazing; I can go about my daily life without worry of endless flare-ups. Every two weeks she ‘reboots’ my lymph system and off I go!
— Kay


Working with Katy has been both healing and inspirational. I’ve worked with massage therapists around the world, and we are fortunate indeed to have her gifted hands and her healing heart here with us in Des Moines. My body and my spirit have benefited from her therapy.
— Barbara M.
From the first time I received a massage from Katy it was clear that she had a gift for identifying problem areas. She gives a deep, therapeutic massage that relieves pain and takes away stress – heaven!
— Beth
Because I work in a stressful environment, I feel my body pays the price. During my sessions with Katy, she provides solutions for me to try on my own to help improve my health. Her massage therapy sessions have helped reduce my stress, improve my sleep and helped me relax. Katy is professional, organized, and friendly. I am confident of her skills & have recommended friends to her.
— Betty
For me massage is the highest form of self-care. It is allowing myself to completely slow down and focus on myself one piece at a time. You are an excellent massage therapist. You are always genuinely focused on what is happening with me in a light-hearted way. I always feel better after being with you. You are a gift in my life for which I am truly grateful.
— Linda
Massage is not only important to me for my physical health, healing injuries, etc but for my Mental well being!
— Michelle
Over several years I tried massages and was not happy. They seemed wimpy and did not make feel better. After a while I would try a different massage therapist. Only one time did I try the same person twice. Then I found Katy, and I have been a regular client for the past ? years. Katy has strength in her hands and at the same time she is very gentle. A massage from her not only restores my body, my mind and soul are restored. Every time I leave Katy I feel in balance. Her space is tranquil and full of gentle and strong energy. So is Katy.
— Viivi
Well I think massage therapy is just awesome…hence the reason I became a massage therapist. Maybe what you could use for my “testimonial” is that I experience a sense of complete well-being during and for hours after massage. The drive home never stresses me out, I am still in an altered state and feel a greater sense of connection to others as a blessed side effect. It improves my sleep and I believe it lends to improved health habits in other areas of my life. Use whatever you want of that conglomeration! You can use my whole name if desired. I hope that helps!
— Jen
I am happy to tell of my satisfaction with your massage therapy. I have only been there a few times, but I enjoyed it immensely and had better movement and less stiffness after a session. The only reason I haven’t come more often, is a lack of initiative.
— Robin
I am fortunate to be healthy and seldom experience any pain. Massage for me is stress reduction, relaxation & an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. When Katy is working on me, it feels amazing…. I am transported to another place… one of tranquility and clarity. I leave renewed and at peace.
— Di
For several years, I suffered from pain in my neck and upper arm which was particularly noticeable when doing certain yoga moves. After three sessions with Katy, I am able to complete those arm rotations totally pain-free. Now I can’t imagine not having a regular massage and have given gift certificates to friends so that they, too, can feel the benefit.
— Beverly
Regular massage from Katy is an important ingredient in maintaining my spiritual, mental and physical health! She takes the time to find out what is going on with my life, asks questions and then applies just the right technique to help me relax and flush out the toxins in my brain and body!
— Bobbi
From the first time I received a massage from Katy it was clear that she had a gift for identifying problem areas. She gives a deep, therapeutic massage that relieves pain and takes away stress – heaven!
— Beth
For me massage is a way to take care of myself and to maintain balance in my life! I think touch is really healing for the spirit and soul.
— Kathy